Rob visits Chicago

Always nice to catch up over a coffee with your Ph.D. advisor in one of the cold nights of Chicago!


DeMMO sampling trip to the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead (SD)

My first day of the project “Deep Mine Microbial Observatory”. I visited six underground sites at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in Lead, South Dakota.  Here, several reactors were installed. The aim is to characterize microbial dark matter in oligotrophic environments that could help us understand life on exoplanets.  The project is partially funded by NASA and Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering.

Integrated shortcut nitrogen and biological phosphorus removal from mainstream wastewater: process operation and modeling

Our new paper on Integrating Shortcut Nitrogen and Biological Phosphorus Removal from Mainstream Wastewater: Process Operation and Modeling…was just published on Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology.

Check out our paper here:!divAbstract

Hong-Cin defended his Ph.D.!

Today I attended Hong-Cin’s Ph.D. defense.  Hong-Cin and I have worked together on  modeling of elastic wave propagation and viscoealstic charcaterization of biofilms and soft materials.  Our work has led to two published manuscripts and one in preparation.  Here are some of the cool pictures of his day.

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