And here it starts…searching for microbial dark matter in DeMMO samples

Today I officially started my six flow-through packed bed reactors.  I am using  a combination of soluble and solid electron donors and acceptors and trying to go after yet uncultured microorganisms especially those ones enriching in biofilms! 

AEESP – SSC Future Faculty Workshop 2020

The AEESP Student Services Committee is excited to announce the first virtual workshop for academic job search – ‘AEESP Future Faculty Workshop 2020’. This workshop, through webinars and Q&A panels, introduced the academic job application and interview processes to the aspiring graduate students and postdocs aspiring to enter the academia, especially in the post-pandemic world.  Two webinars covered the details about the academic job application package and the formal interview process. The distinguished Q&A panelists provided further insights and answered questions from the audience.  See the link below to watch the recording. 


In situ groundwater treatment with BES: a critical review and future perspectives

Excited to share the news that my collaboration with Daniele Cecconet, Arianna Callegari, Andrea Capodaglio (University of Pavia, Italy) and Matyas Devecseri (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary) was just published. The manuscript “In situ Groundwater Treatment with Bioelectrochemical Systems (BES): A Critical Review and Future Perspectives” can be found here:

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