Academic experience



Research topics

env egineering at Northwestern University

Postdoctoral Fellow

Northwestern University, IL
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Advisor: Dr. George Wells

– Deammonification bioprocess for treatment of mainstream
– N2O emissions from integrated shortcut nitrogen and
   biological phosphorus removal systems
– Use of molecular tools to track PAOs population in sidestream
   EBPR systems
– Biofilm mechanical properties in wastewater processes


Director of Research & Development

NUVODA, Blacksburg, VA

– Alternative and sustainable biofilm processes for wastewater
   treatment: Mobile Organic Biofilm (MOB) process


Graduate Research Assistant

University of Notre Dame, IN
Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Advisor: Dr. Robert Nerenberg

– Quantifying fugitive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from
   biofilm systems
– Use of sulfite as an electron donor for wastewater
– Sulfur-dioxide-based MBfR for wastewater denitrification
– Use of methane as an electron donor in MBfR for wastewater 
– 1D modeling of biological nitrogen removal processes in
   biofilm reactors


Graduate Research Assistant

University “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy

University of Minnesota, MN
Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering

Advisor: Dr. Roberto Samperi
Co-advisor: Dr. Paige Novak

– Phytoestrogens and their environmental impact: genistein and
    daidzein variability in wastewater treatment systems

Thesis: “Industrial variability of phytoestrogens and their
             estrogenicity in waste streams”


Undergraduate Research Assistant

University of Bari, Italy
Department of Chemistry

Advisor: Dr. Roberto Gristina
Co-advisor: Dr. Pietro Favia

– Polymeric substrates surface modification and in vitro
   biocompatibility test with Hep G2 and 3T3 cell lines

   Thesis: “Growth and adhesion of cell lines on plasma modified

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