Picture of Daniele Cecconet

Daniele Cecconet

University of Pavia
Pavia (Italy)

Picture of Akihiko Terada

Akihiko Terada

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Tokyo (Japan)

Picture of Robert Nerenberg

Robert Nerenberg

University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame (USA)

Picture of Barth Smets

Barth Smets

Technical University Denmark
Ligby (Denmark)

Picture of Cristian Picioreanu

Cristian Picioreanu

Technical University of Delft
Delft (The Netherlands)

Picture of Oluwaseyi Balogun

Oluwaseyi Balogun

Northwestern University
Evanston (USA)

Picture of George Wells

George Wells

Northwestern University
Evanston (USA)

Picture of Grzegorz Łagód

Grzegorz Łagód

Lublin University of Technology
Lublin (Poland)

Picture of Charles Bott

Charles Bott

Hampton Roads Sanitation District
Virginia Beach (VA)

Picture of Teng Zeng

Teng Zeng

Syracuse University
Syracuse (USA)

Picture of Francesco Di Capua

Francesco Di Capua

University of Bari
Bari (Italy)

Picture of Srijan Aggarwal

Srijan Aggarwal

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks (USA)

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